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Tip before display and photos

Create a dream house by showing off your property in the best possible way, and remember that a first impression is done only once.

There is a clear correlation between how well you have prepared your home for photography and the end result - the photos. There are images to create interest among potential homebuyers - so much interest that they come in view.

Clean, clear and well air throughout the house, including garage and storage.
The home should be furnished, but no more than that it gives the impression of spaciousness.
The furniture should be neutral and highlight your home.
Remove "small furnitures" to create spaciousness.
All personal items (toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, family photos, etc.) should be put away.
Remember viewing guests purchase their future home, not the home of he/she living there today.
Clean away loose items (items. Remote, wires, magazines, trinkets, dish brush, cloth, etc.).
Clothing, shoes and other loose assets should be cleared into the closet.
Clean the cabinets and drawers, display, guests must be able to see how the shelf and drawer interiors looks.
Make up all beds in clean linen in a neutral light color bedspread is optimal.
Replace light bulbs that do not work and consider switching to a higher watt lamps for more light.
Wash the windows thoroughly before serving.
Turn on the heated tile floors
Subtract curtains and raise blinds.
Let it be hot and warm when it's cold out, and cool and airy in hot weather
Buy your fresh flowers, light candles and fire in the fireplace before shooting and playback.

Make sure your lawn and shrubs are cut.
Wash and clear the veranda, looked like to the chair cushions and potted plants.
Clean bikes, toys, ladders, garbage and other along the wall of the house.
Clean and wash the stairway.
Clean out even in winter, be sure to shovel snow.
Do not park their own cars on the property (applies mostly detached houses).
Keep in mind that garden, staircase, garage, basement and attic helps to talk about your home and how you handled it.

Winning is all about getting the full value of your property. When the details are important. Our brokers provide advice and guidance so that your home is the most interesting for we believe are willing to pay the most for your property.