Melani Homes Ltd


Inspection and assessment of market
When you have decided to sell and wonder what your home is worth, we can make an inspection of your property. On the basis of this and the information obtained, we give you an evaluation of expected sales value per unit.

Assignment signing
When you have decided to use Melani Home, we set up a written agreement between you and us. In this assignment agreement established the terms of the sale, brokerage commissions and other expenses.

Property sales report
Before sales work start, we recommend that the property be reviewed by an independent valuer. Whoever you may want to use, choose yourself.

Making ready the apartment
We collect all necessary information about the accommodation eg municipal information, because box printing etc. Furthermore, we will initiate the process of creating sales materials for your home.

Marketing the property
Our agents know what it takes to sell your home. Advertising on the Internet, newspaper ads, sales tasks and visibility where people search for housing, can be crucial for you to obtain the best possible price.

We are happy to help with the planning and implementation of the views. Your broker is present at the views of the dwelling. All stakeholders will be actively pursued in the wake of view.

Our brokers attaches great importance to be accessible to both buyer and seller, and the bidding is handled efficiently and professionally from the first word to the purchase contract is signed.

Our contracts are prepared by Price Waterhouse Coopers. It safeguards your interests in accordance with legal regulations, whether you are selling or buying. The contract meeting, we review the contract to eliminate possible misunderstandings.

Settlement and registration
Once the contract is signed, we start with settlement arrangements. All that has settled, registration, transfer of ownership, the redemption of existing loans, guarantees, etc. - that we take care of!