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 Property purchase warranty 

Melani Home offers home purchases Warranty

Complaints relating to purchases is common, regardless of housing standards. A large proportion of homebuyers complaints about the house they bought. Without professional help such a process can be long and costly.

Warranty buyer is the buyer guarantee that different technical circumstances that could occur with a used property is being repaired and covered.

Buyer guarantee can only be subscribed by private individuals who buy property for their own purposes, and does not apply to corporations, commercial or residential for rent.

What does the buyer warranty?

Complaints relating to any type of purchase of ready built residence (house, apartment, holiday home).
• Access to legal advice from the subscription of the insurance to the acquisition of property, and for three years after the acquisition.
Legal advice, legal assistance and management through the legal system when you need it.

When the buyer must guarantee signed?
The warranty drawn simultaneously with housing purchase, at the latest at the contract signing.
Buyer guarantee can only be purchased in conjunction with home purchase, the real estate broker who makes the sale.

Freehold Apartment (2 +2): 1200, -
Freehold Apartment (Duplex): 3000, -
Detached villa 3200, -

The guarantee is paid as a lump sum and effective signing of the acquisition, and for three years after the takeover. There is no deductible for use. Rates per 1 January 2014.