Melani Homes Ltd


Broker's fee:
Commission: from 5.5% to 10% of the sales price
The minimum fee of 4000,- to 5.000,-
This include the sales arrangements, settlement fee, contract work and the individual display fee per viewing.

Market Packages from 1.500, -
Through our marketing packages can be accessed online advertising, sales tasks and newspaper advertising Melani Home Newspaper.
In addition, you get access to sale posters, prospectuses on the mobile exhibition on our web, neighborhood profile, 3-D drawings (seperate pricing), expanded prospect and more.

If desired you can get newspaper advertising in Today's Business and Finance newspaper and additional newspaper advertising in local newspapers, at extra cost.

Information gathering:
Notary Signing and public information gathering are paid by each party if neccesary. All transport in this regard is included in the broker's fee and marketing packages.

Housing sales report and valuation from expert :
Valuation of house or apartment from € 450,- (only in case of need)
Wet Control of land surveying 520,- (only in case of need)

From 100,if necessary to arrange for a photographer.

Miscellaneous information:
Commissions and expenses related to housing sales will vary according to expected sales, merchantability, geographical distances. Commission calculated the sales price and accrued from the sale of the property.
Specifically, the determination of tenders happens after a detailed assessment of the property to be sold. Offer's level will also vary to the same extent as the broker's expertise, experience level, market position and quality content in the sales effort. Review of a broker's offer should consequently be based on an overall assessment.

Please contact our office broker for a quote.