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After you have found a property you are interested in, that match your requirements, desires and dreams, comprised the purchase process essentially of four stages: view, bidding,writing contracts and acquisition.

1 Display

Once you have examined among housing ads and found a number of properties you are interested in, it is time to move on views. Generally agreed that individual views to have an effective review with each buyer as possible. To help you make the most of a view we have some tips for you:

Decide beforehand how much you want, and have the ability to pay - both for the home and for any repairs and renovation.

Carefully read the prospectus and other information. Ask questions if there is anything you do not understand.

Make a rough estimate of housing costs. Pay attention to things like registration fees, municipal taxes, heating, etc.

Remember that there are those who buy who has the duty to investigate for the dwelling.

2 Bidding

It is often given a price that the seller would have, but it is allowed to make bids on the property. It is up to the seller to decide whether he will accept the offer.

In betting, all formal bids submitted in writing (can be supplied as scanned and per e-mail or fax). It is usually not bidding rounds under such bidding, but is often about the buyer and seller come to an agreement on price.

3 Contract

In order that no ambiguity will arise, implemented the contract meeting. Where the parties meet and go through all the parts of the contract together. You check that everything is correct, and further buyer and seller under. The contract will meet all formalities in place. The purchase contract underlines all economic conditions on what should be paid, what is to be paid in advance, as well as deadlines and other conditions.

4 Take Over

By accept of the bid it is also agreed upon when you can take over the property. Acquisition of property occurs when the full purchase price has been paid, and when all other terms of the contract are met. Notary verifies that all conditions are met.

The acquisition takes place in the seller's property. When you get the keys to the residence, after broker confirming payment of the purchase price. This should be done before you meet on the acquisition and broker ensures that the money is transferred and in place.

Registration and cancellation of liens are also factors that come into play, but this is one of those things broker helps. Then everything is ready and you are the owner of your new home.